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MHF31B (2)

Chess Games Ottoman

  • Easy to move around and safe
  • Digital printed with chess/checkers board game
  • Works best in conjunction with single chairs or Abecca ottomans
  • Single Density foam for ultimate stability
  • Can be supplied with large foam pieces
Size: L 770 x W 770x H 480mm
Weight: 14kg
Colour Options: Grey PVC
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The Eagle range is purpose-built for high-risk and secure units.

  • The safest furniture you can buy, safe because it’s lightweight and safe because it is easy to clean.
  • No hard objects in the construction of the furniture. These are replaced with multi-density durable foam which doesn’t compromise the integrity of the furniture.
  • Fire retardant commercial grade foam and fabric (AS 1530.3 + AS/ NZS 40883.1:1996).
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal treated foam and vinyl. Including a coating for ease of cleaning (Protech).
  • One-piece cover design to prevent bacteria build-up.
  • Tear, slash, and tamper-resistant vinyl, with nowhere for clients to hide contraband inside or cause self-harm.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ergonomic study design to assist with stability.
  • All furniture pieces have a safe working load of up to 180kgs.
  • Some items include sensory modulation properties and assist with de-escalation.
  • Rocking motion proven to provide therapy, improve balance, blood circulation, reduce muscle pain and provide relief from anxiety and depression with frequent use.

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