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Abecca safe furniture has multiple benefits across all their product ranges. Watch this video to find out what makes Abecca furniture truly unique, safe and clean to use.

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Light Weight

Built with a foam only structure and a vinyl cover, all pieces weigh a fraction of the weight of traditional furniture, making it easy to move for cleaning, and safe if it is mishandled.


The safest furniture you can buy. There are no hard components in the structure of Abecca’s safe furniture and items haven’t been weighted to deter mishandling.


100% waterproof fabric + welded seams make a completely waterproof piece of furniture the ultimate in infection control.

Fire Retardant

All foam complies with FR standard AS/NZS 4088.1:1996. BS5852:2006. Ignition Source 5 and all fabrics comply with AS 1530.3 AS/NZS 3837 – Fire test certificates available upon request.


All fabrics and foams are sanitised to inhibit growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. On top of all that, the vinyl includes a protective top surface allowing easy removal of difficult stains and dirt (Protech).


All furniture is created as a one-piece cover with minimal seams. There are no gaps between arms or headrests for bacteria to build up or a place to hide contraband. All seams are welded, by far the easiest furniture to clean.

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