Kauri Base And Mattress 300 and 450

Kauri Base and Mattress 300 & 450

Our Kauri Mattress provides a safe, hygienic and comfortable sleeping environment for high security situations. Made with a super durable PVC fabric, these kauri mattresses have no external zips or openings, minimizing the risk of self-harm. With very minimal seams this mattress trialed and proven in Mental health and prison environments. The ultimate correctional mattress.

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  • Integrated bed and mattress designed to be used directly on the floor, the ultimate anti-ligature mattress for high risk areas
  • Don’t know what the right mattress is for you? Refer to pages 26-27.
  • Can be used with a Kauri 150 mattress on top to assist with bedding
  • European commercial medical grade PVC fabric, with 400N tear resistance
  • Fire Retardant foam and fabric – BS 7175 (1989) + AS/NZ 4088.1:1996
  • Fully sealed tamper proof, tear and slash resistant cover reducing the risk of self-harm
  • Waterproof with no openings to prevent the hiding of contraband
  • Smooth fabric for ease of cleaning and comfort
  • Purpose built one piece base and mattress design, the ultimate anti-ligature mattress for high risk areas

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1980 x 860 x 300mm, 2020 x 1060 x 300mm, 1980 x 860 x 450mm, 2020 x 1060 x 450mm